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India - The Psychedelic Furs


India india
You're my love song
India you're my love song
In the flowers
You can have me in the flowers
We will dance alone
And live our useless lives
India stupid on the carpet floor
India stupid on the carpet floor
We dance upon the carpet floor
And reel around
India india india india india
I'm american ha ha ha
Caroline is really great
She serves the muck
Upon a tray
And little rich boy don't you cry
You kiss me in the anodyne
See the ceiling raining spit
The beach is backwards isn't it
India don't you cry
India see the ceiling raining tears
You will cry a thousand tears
All the women form a line
Put your face upon a line
This is for the discotheque
This is stupid I object
And I love you and I love you
And please me please me please me
Please me please me please me
Please me please meplease me
India india india india

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